Kellegus Gaming Community

Welcome to Kellegus gaming

We are working hard to bring everyone together so its easy for everyone to be part of a awesome growing gaming community. Explore what we have to offer and find your place in our multi-gaming family. All your gaming needs in one convenient location! Good luck and have fun!

President NintendoSoy

Loud, Quirky, and Hyper, This is Soy President and Founder of KGC.

Vice President Mister Cloud

Epic, Nice, and Pog. This is KGC Cloud Vice President and Co-Founder of KGC.

Chief Of Operations CyberGaming01

Creative, Mature, Artistic, and Sometimes serious but mostly fun. This is KGC Cybergamer01 Chief of Operations, and Leading Brand Manager

“Kellegus thrives to make a calming, stress free laidback multi-platform for your gaming needs anywhere”

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Together we thrive achievements

Our Mission: 

KGC accepts that all gamers merit a protected and expert gaming community to call home regardless of what their ability, race, sex or individual convictions might be. Our objective  has been to turn into a center point for a wide range of players. Regardless of whether they are serious or easygoing gamer, Kellegus Gaming is a spot for them to call home while having the option to communicate their gifts and interests for video games.

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Join Our Discord Server!

Registration requirements

You must be 15+

You require a 30 day minimum period if you were associated with another clan before you can be accepted into KGC

You should have discord and be active!

Have some questions?

What does KGC stand for?

KGC stands for Kellegus Gaming Community, We are a Multi-Platform Gaming Clan.

How do I become a member?

You have to be 15, and not be affiliated with another clan for 30 days, then you would register here on our site, or through a recruiter!

Do I have to pay to be a member?

You do not have to pay for membership, although we do accept donations and support for essential KGC functions and events.

Where can I donate?

Currently we are organizing and waiting for this feature to get approved.

Is This a LGBTQ+ safe space?

Yes it is, we want everyone to feel welcomed and comfortable being here with us and do not tolerate hateful behavior.

What if I have a problem?

If you need help please refer to the chain of command until we can resolve it, report problems to the right department please!

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